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During the School Day

Library Periods: Students in grades 2-8 visit the library weekly to circulate books of their choice and read independently.

Library House (LH): 6-8th graders meet three times a week and run library committees: Management, Display, Promotion, Digital, and Fundraising.
WG Launch: The first period of the WG biweekly cycle meets in the library where students build background knowledge about the topic of the week.

Elective: A series of semester long courses where students learn how to locate library resources, how to find and evaluate web resources, and how to apply copyright law when creating their own websites.
Learning Center

Library Visits: Students in PreK-1st grade visit the library weekly for a read aloud and to circulate books.

Bridge Club: Students meet weekly to practice bridge, a strategic card game similar in its complexity to chess.

Loop & Listen: Students meet biweekly and work on yarn crafts while listening to and discussing audio books.
Special Events

Theme Days (co-planned with the CARE Bears)
  • Protagonist Parade: Students dress up as their favorite book characters for a school-wide parade.
  • Pajama Day Buddy Reading: Students read with a buddy in their jammies. Big buddies select the books ahead of time.

Gourd Decorating Contest: LH display committee event to celebrate fall. Classes decorate a gourd as a book character. Winning class gets a pumpkin pie party!

Scholastic Book Fairs: Occurring in December the week before vacation, and in the second week of June, these fairs are a great opportunity to beef up your home library.  Proceeds benefit the school.

Family Reading Nights: A parent workshop to explore best practices for reading at home. Share a meal cooked by LH and take home free books!

Write to Read Day: An annual middle school conference-style event to celebrate literacy. Students hear a keynote address then attend breakout workshops on the topics of their choice.